Fill out your space without as many plank joins. Perfect for larger spaces. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR OUR WIDE-BOARD RANGE

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Introducing the next generation of flooring – Hybrid Flooring (Waterproof) – produced in response to years of research and development in the field.

So, what is Hybrid Flooring (Waterproof)?

SPC – or Stone Plastic Composite is a new material produced that combines a limestone and stabilizers core with an engineered vinyl top-layer.

The result is a product that is not only 100% waterproof like luxury vinyl, but the ridged core is extremely durable and stable. In fact, there is almost no expansion or contraction making it ideal for environments which experience considerable seasonal temperature fluctuations and humidity.

With an embossed surface and a realistic wood look, Hybrid Flooring (Waterproof) looks just like a hardwood floor. And being 100% waterproof, a timber look flooring is now available for all your wet areas so you can have the same flooring finish throughout the entire home or workplace without having worries about everyday accidents.

The next generation of flooring now brought to you by Mobile Flooring Melbourne.