Lay more flooring planks in your space for a greater laying pattern. Ideal for smaller spaces. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR OUR SHORTBOARD RANGE

Fill out your space without as many plank joins. Perfect for larger spaces. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR OUR LONGBOARD RANGE

Premium Laminate Flooring is a product that gives the look and feel of a natural timber floor at a fraction of the price.

Laminate flooring is a cleverly designed product that uses multiple layers of synthetic materials fused together in the “lamination” process.

The natural wood look is achieved thanks to a photographic applique layer under a transparent protective layer.

The inner layer of our premium laminate is made from a high density fibre board fused with a low VOC melamine resin.

Though it’s not a natural timber, once laid it’s hard to tell the difference! Not only is this product affordable, it is better on the environment as timber forests are not affected.

With a patent wax sealed click-lock system, multi-layer low VOC finish and wide range of Australian and European timbers; our premium laminate flooring will look stunning for longer.